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Being a khtml developer…

July 1, 2009

Being a khtml developer and reading all those posts on the planet I just feel confused.

Basically, there are like 3 sentences to sum up. I like to work on khtml because it’s interesting and I get to work with super-smart people like Maksim or Germain and others. I don’t want to work on QtWebkit (or any other fork of webkit) as a free developer (without being paid) because it would mean I have to constantly keep up with work done by apple and other companies. Is it as much interesting? for me it’s not. And the third – it’s really possible to integrate both engines in konq and let people choose, with KPart technologies it’s only about making additional button (hopefully).

From my pov I would wish for one thing – contribution. Either it would be developing webkit kpart, konq, khtml, reporting bugs, broken sites, helping triaging (yay to bugsquad!), making testcases. And you can see – you don’t have to be a C++ developer to do that, you don’t have to be developer at all. Though I can’t make people do anything, let’s agree on that (it’s only my wish 🙂 ).

So, it’s just my 2 cents about the topic after all…