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Another busy gsoc week and more screenshots to show

June 25, 2008

After my previous post about my khtml gsoc progress I’ve been asked about cool tiger picture in svg format. Of course, I was curious and immediately downloaded it, but I found out that unfortunately tiger can’t be properly rendered in khtml due to missing features. That were proper color handling and grouping element with inherited style properties.

I’ve done some refactoring to use more shared code with original webkit’s svg library, and it lets me to easily implement these so wanted features. Also, I added gradient’s support and initial clipping.

Enough of words – screenshots tell for themselves:


gsoc progress: khtml

June 20, 2008

Hi, planet!
I’m Russian student working at Google Summer of Code (GSoC) on KHTML. For those who doesn’t know or doesn’t care about kdes’ gsoc students: my project is to implement SVG support for khtml. As you may know in kde3 it was ksvg project and it interacts together with khtml. But with porting to qt4 a lot changed and the important thing: ksvg wasn’t ported. So, say no for normal svg support in khtml4.0.x. However ksvg is being actively developed in webkit and my main goal is to port it to khtml.
I’ve started to work on my project very early. The first reason svg is huge and the second one I had to do some underlying work before I could start with svg.
I’m working in my own khtml branch: branches/work/khtml-blaze.
So far, I’ve implemented support for basic shapes: rect, circle, ellipse, polygon, polyline, path. Supported attributes (not much): fill, stroke, stroke-width, fill-opacity, stroke-opacity. It seems small, especially if you take Qt library and paint such elements, but it’s not that easy, it touches all parts of khtml: DOM, CSS and Rendering. I had to add more than 50 files in cmake configuration file to make it work.
Already I have a nice thing: having rect and fill attributes make konq to pass one more test in “Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers” yay!
And at the end, obligatory screenshot:

I have to say I’m very glad to be accepted as GSoC student for KDE. I thank all kde devs for doing great job. My mentor, SadEagle – you are the best. And khtml team.